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STORM Kettle Testimonials

These kettles have been shipped around the world, and reports of satisfied customers have been received regularly ever since. A small selection may be read below.

British Schools Exploring Society Expedition

British Schools Exploring Society Expedition to the Yukon

In 1986 the Kettles were used on a British Schools Exploring Society expedition to the Yukon Territory. Penny Arden, the Administrative Secretary wrote 'They proved to be a very popular and valuable piece of equipment.'

Kota Mama Expedition

Kota Mama Expedition

In October 1999 STORM Kettles accompanied Sir John Blashford-Snell on his Kota Mama Expedition in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina as part of the boat equipment. A letter written on his behalf by Capt. J. Masters MBE, mentions 'a hot drink was available within minutes of arriving. Over nearly four months those kettles were used, and abused, and were highly valued.' Sir John himself noted 'The STORM Kettles have been used non-stop and are much admired here'.

Cambridge to Cape Town Trip

Cambridge to Cape Town

Dickie and Helen Sansome - made a trip from Cambridge to Cape Town in 2003, they wrote 'our STORM Kettle is performing brilliantly. It has been used with a variety of fuel: eucalyptus bark, jacaranda pods, camel shit and those wine carriers are quite good too'

British Waterways

Wendy Davies, who works for British Waterways on repair and maintenance of canals in the Dudley area, wrote 'We are both well impressed with the said Kettle and how quickly it enables us to make a cup of tea!'

British Waterways Canal

Trek to Petra, Jordan

In October 2005 David Symes took two STORM Kettles on a trek to Petra in Jordan. He emailed 'Pardon the pun but the kettles went down a storm. They truly are excellent - and as you know work where very little wood is available'.

Trek to Petra

Handa, North-West Scotland

Doug Gilbert paddled to the island of Handa with the Tayside Sea Kayak Club taking a Popular STORM Kettle in summer 2006: 'Here I am boiling up a brew using the fabulous Eydon STORM Kettle. As you can see we had very good weather!'

Handa by Kayak

Hot Beans and Tea

In August 2007 Kate Harvie wrote 'I wonder if you would like to see the CookKit in use heating two tins of beans! That's my daughter stirring them with a stick. The STORM Kettle is my favourite ever. A hot cup of tea anywhere in 10 mins. Great! My sister wants one now.'

Heating Beans on a CookKit

Strumshaw Hall Steam Event

Charlie Mattin writes on behalf of the steamer crew: 'Here is your superb STORM Kettle in use alongside a bigger kettle(!) at Strumshaw Hall Steam Event on the May bank holiday [2008]. The weather wasn't too kind, but your Kettle was brilliant.'

A STORM Kettle sits on a bigger boiler!

New Year's day at Achnahaird

In January 2009, D Gilbert emailed the Eydon Kettle Company: 'Thanks for sending this off so quickly. We have a growing international group of [STORM] Kettle users! I've attached a photo of us with Norwegian friends on New Year's day at Achnahaird near Ullapool. We can't imagine life without one now.'

Eydon STORM Kettle in use on New Year's Day, Achnahaird
A STORM Kettle on a Welsh Hilltop

Exercise in Wales

Lee Barrett emailed us in July 2009: 'Hello there John, just thought I would forward on some pictures taken on a recent exercise in Wales. We just decided to stop off and make ourselves a coffee. The STORM kettle certainly is a top piece of equipment - it goes everywhere with me now! Thanks.'

An Eydon STORM Kettle in Lesotho

STORM Kettle in Lesotho

Vanessa Guthrie emailed us in June 2010 with pictures of the STORM Kettle in use in Botswana and Lesotho. This picture reproduced here was taken near the Maletsunyane Waterfalls in Lesotho. 'Will definitely send you more soon'.

STORM Kettle on a Cornish Beach

On a Quiet Cornish Beach

In September 2010, Dr T Rogers emailed to say "We have had many fabulous memories so far with our [STORM] Kettle, and wanted to share some of those with you. The beach scene is Nanjizel in Cornwall - a beautiful beach miles from anywhere, quite difficult to access, so the cup of tea the kettle provided was all the more refreshing! ...I would be delighted for you to use the picture - it would showcase a wonderful product, within a beautiful setting!"

Eydon STORM Kettle in Afganistan

Pamir Mountains in Afganistan

Alexander Duncan emailed us in January 2011 with some photos attached: "These photos are taken in the Pamir mountains in NE Afghanistan, where we burned yak dung in the kettle to great effect. We had two storm kettles, and they were among the best bits of kit we had, and absolutely ideal for our trips. ...We've just bought another storm kettle for use in Northumberland where we now live. Thank you!"

STORM Kettle on Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness in Scotland

Aros Mathieson has taken his Kettle out and about in Scotland. In July 2013 he sent a photo with this email: "I thought you might like this photo of your STORM Kettle in use on the shores of Loch Ness! What an excellent product. Easy to use and fast."


And it's not just humans who are fascinated by our STORM Kettles...

STORM Kettle and Camel